In this post, I'm going to do a quick review about Missha's concealer that I bought not a long time ago.

Maybe some of you guys already know this concealer since this concealer was on my previous post.. So many people asked me to do a review about this concealer on the comment section. So I decided to make one and here it is!

I'm not going to explain that much of this concealer because this is just a quick review.

As you may see above, the packaging is just a tube with some words written on it.. the lid of this concealer is black colored which is really plain. 

Some people also asked me about the coverage of this concealer..
To me, this concealer doesn't cover that much. It has low to a medium coverage which is not enough for me. I have a very bad dark circle and it doesn't work for my dark circle. 
Maybe if you don't have a bad dark circle, this concealer will do it job well.


I rate this for 2/5


- Very cheap
- Travel friendly
- Easy to blend

- Didn't cover that much
- Gets cakey easily