I really love liptint. I really do. I've been trying out liptint from different brands and I got stuck with Etude's Dear Darling Tint.

When I was scrolling trough Etude House's official instagram, I saw that they just released the new version of Dear Darling Tint a.k.a Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint. As a fan of that tint. I'm really excited to try and buy it. And here it is! The tint is finally got in my hands and I'm gonna to tell you guys the review of Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint!

Well, the packaging is pretty much the same as the previous Dear Darling Tints, this one is a little more wider than before but they didn't upgrade that much.

It has a glossy cap with a pink colored on it.

This version of the new Dear Darling Tint have so much variant colors than before. (Thanks God)

Usually they only have like 4 colors, but now the have 10 different colors!

All the colors are super pretty, but my favorite is OR201 or Kumquat Red. 
I already plan to buy that color but unfortunately it solds everywhere.. So I bought RD302 or Dracula Red instead.

Dracula Red is the darkest red among out of other red colors.

I've been wanting to try a dark red liptint and now I've accomplished it.

The color comes out really prettily, it's like a legit red not a red-orangeish liptint

When I tried to swatch the color on my hand, I was so surprised by how pigmented the tint is. It's more pigmented more than what I expected.

I only swatch it once, and the color comes out really good.

The texture of this liptint is pretty much the same as the other Dear Darling tints.. The different is just this version is more pigmented than the previous one.

Does this tint is long wearing?
Yes it is, it's not going to fade easily even if you eat something or drink something. It can lasts until 6 hour though the color is fading a little.

Would you buy this tint again?
Yes! I really want to try the OR201 one because the color is so unique and different than any other liptint color out there.


Afterall, I'm really satisfed with this liptint but I hope they would change the packaging if they are planning to make a new version of Dear Darling Tint again.. because the packaging is just the same with the previous one and I got bored with it.

But.. I appreacite Etude House for their work on the new colors of this liptint and also how they make this liptint more pigmented than before.