Who doesn't know those brands on the title? I bet everyone already know them. Yep, those brands are famous for their cosmetic products especially the lip tint. 

Almost the people I know own one of their lip tint, whether Etude House lip tint or Tony Moly lip tint. 

I saw so many people on internet asked which one is better; Etude House or Tony Moly? And today, I'm gonna do a comparason between Etude House Dear Darling Tint and Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint.

Etude House: Dear Darling Tint has a super simple packaging and it has a slim shape. The cap of this lip tint is just a plain cap with a pink color. Honestly, I don't really like the packaging of this tint because it looks too simple. I prefer the Tony Moly one.

Tony Moly: Delight Tony Tint have a super cute packaging. The shape is kinda fat which is cute and it has some decoration on the packaging unlike the Etude House one. The cap of this tint is also cute because it has a love shape at the end of the cap!

Applicator is one of the most important thing with lip tint. Because when the applicator is not good, we can't apply the lip tint prettily in our lips.

Both Etude House and Tony Moly have the same shape with the applicator but the Tony Moly one is more longer and thin than Etude House. For me, I prefer Tony Moly applicator because it's thin and long which makes the lip tint easier to apply on the lips.

(ignore the stains on my fingers)

As you can see from the picture above, The Etude House one looks more thick than Tony Moly. Why? It's because of the texture.

Etude House has a gel texture so the color stands out more. The texture is thick and easy to blend but once the tint has stuck on your lips, its hard to remove.

Tony Moly has a watery texture. It's really easy to blend but it also easy to fade. The color comes out prettily but it won't last.

On Lips
Etude House:

Tony Moly:

Overall, which one is better?
Everyone has different preferences but I prefer Etude House for the function.

Etude House is minus at the packaging but how it lasts on the lips amazes me. Their resilience is a big plus for me. It lasts 5-6 hours even if you already eating or drinking.

Meanwhile Tony Moly has a big plus with the packaging but their resilience is very weak. It fades away after I'm eating and I have to re-apply it again.

And that's it. Comparison between Etude House and Tony Moly. I hope this post helps you and thank you for reading my blog!

P.S This comparison is based on my personal opinion and preferences, if you have a different opinion then it's okay because not all people have the same opinion! x