The first item is.. Zara perfume!

Lately, I've been into perfumes.. I don't why because I usually don't really like to use perfume but I'm thinking that I'm a girl and I think it's one of a must for girl to use perfume, that's why I decided to buy myself a pair of perfumes from Zara!

I got this for IDR 200,000. It's actually not that expensive because you got 2 perfumes which is really worth it, I got the Eau de Toilette Turquoise Green and White,

It's smells great but I don't recommend these perfumes for everyday use because the smell is too strong. So I usually use this perfume when I went out to mall or an event.

The second item is Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off!

The reason why I bought this is because I've tried the rice mask one and I'm curious with the black sugar one so I decided to bought this mask.

I'm not going to talk that much about this product because I'm going to review this product soon! Stay tune hehe x

And these are the lippies products I bought last month..

I bought 2 lipsticks from a local brand; Purbasari and Inez.

This is my second lipstick I bought from Purbasari and I'm loving it so much although I don't use it that much but still one of my favorite lipstick from a local product,

The second lipstick is from Inez! This is my first time I bought an item from that brand but I've heard some good reviews about it so I decided to try one lipstick from that brand. And I can say the lipstick is not that bad.. I've only tried it once so I think I'm not going to talk about it hehe sorry!

Last one is a babylips from Maybelline!

I've used Maybelline's babylips since forever and been loving it so much and when I saw there's a new color that I don't have, I directly grab it and buy it.

There's nothing much difference with the other babylips just the color is like red-pinkish which is a different color from the other babylips.

Last but not least is Maybelline Super Curl Volum Express Mascara

I've heard a good review about Maybelline;s mascara and yeah.. this is my first time buying a mascara from Maybelline and so far, I'm loving it!

It makes my lashes a lot longer, compared to my previous mascara which is from NYX; I could say that this is way better and cheaper!

So guys, that's all about my August Haul.. I honestly still have more products that I bought on August but didn't have the chance to take a picture of those items.